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History of the Princely House

Origins of the Liechtenstein Family

The name Liechtenstein was first mentioned in about 1136. Hugo von Liechtenstein probably took his name from Liechtenstein Castle, south of Vienna. Karl von Liechtenstein acquired the hereditary title of Prince of the Holy Roman Empire in 1608.

Biographies of the Princes and Princesses

The Princes of Liechtenstein often combine many talents in one individual: manager, financier, diplomat, art collector and patron of the arts. The Princesses of Liechtenstein are particularly engaged in social welfare and charitable projects.

"We enjoy a high level of political and economic stability. And then there's our very well educated population, the attractive environment we offer for businesses and the responsiveness and proximity to our citizens afforded by our form of government."

H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein