The Princely Family

The Princely House of Liechtenstein is one of the oldest noble families. The family has over 100 members of whom only a part live in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The prince is the sovereign of the Princely House and watches over the "reputation, honour and welfare" of the Princely House according to the house laws. Prince Hans-Adam II took over the regency on the 13th of November 1989 after the death of Prince Franz Josef II.

The Princely Family elects every five years a family council, which acts as a court of appeal for decisions in the context of the house laws.

Prince Hans-Adam II. and Princess Marie have four children:

Hereditary Prince Alois, born 11th of June 1968

Prince Maximilian, born 16th of May 1969

Prince Constantin, born 15th of March 1972

Princess Tatjana, born 10th of April 1973

Result of the popular vote on the power of veto of the Reigning Prince
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