Prince Karl Eusebius   1627 - 1684

After the death of his father, Karl I of Liechtenstein (1627), the still under age prince was in close contact with his politically experienced uncle Prince Gundaker and Prince Maximilian, who was in charge of the custodial governance on his behalf. In 1632 the ceremonial homage by the Silesian nobilities took place in Troppau and Jägerndorf. From 1639 to 1641 the young archduke held the office of Chief Captain of the dukedoms High and Low Silesia.

The foundation of the princely gallery and its performances in the field of architecture assure him an imperishable place in the first row of the 17th century, which proved to be so rich in patrons.

From the economic point of view, Karl Eusebius has the merit of reconstructing the Liechtenstein dominions devastated in the Thirty Years' War and of maintaining them in times of trouble. At his death (1684) he left behind to his son, Prince Johann Adam, a rich and expandable inheritance.

Result of the popular vote on the power of veto of the Reigning Prince
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