Prince Karl I. 1608 - 1627

Karl is the first ancestor and originator of the Liechtenstein House. He was raised in Evangelic belief and enjoyed the best possible education in the School of the Bohemian Brothers. In 1599 he converted to Catholicism.

Emperor Rudolf II appointed Karl of Liechtenstein as Chief Intendant at his court. He held this high court office, in connection with the presidency of the Privy Council, with interruptions until 1607. In the Habsburg brother dispute he aligned with the party of the archduke Matthias, who ennobled him as hereditary prince in 1608. In 1614 he joined the regency of the Silesian dukedom Troppau, which had been conferred to him.

After the battle from Weißen Berg, Karl of Liechtenstein was appointed as ordinary proconsul and vice-regent of Bohemia in 1622 and as first member of the House he was bestowed with the order of the Golden Fleece.

There also followed the investiture with the Silesian dukedom Jägerndorf and the Liechtenstein real estate was substantially increased by the acquisition of confiscated "rebel properties". That same year he commissioned the Liechtenstein dukedom as well.

After Karl's death (1627), the provisions stipulated with the occasion of the hereditary accord with the brothers Maximilian and Gundaker regarding the family estate and the succession came into effect.

Result of the popular vote on the power of veto of the Reigning Prince
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