Prince Franz I.   1929 - 1938

Franz (born 1853, died 1938) took a diplomatic office after he had finished his juridical studies and was attaché at the Austrian-Hungarian legation in Brussels between 1879 and 1882. For a few years he supported his brother Prince Johann II in the administration of his goods. In 1894, he went for the next five years as imperial ambassador at the Court of the tsar in Petersburg.

In this position he managed to improve the relationship between the two states, but he quit his position because he did not want to overcome the Austrian opposition to an alliance with Russia. Consequently, he dedicated himself to science and art and between 1905 and 1912 he led the restoration of the Vaduz Castle.

As a counsellor of Prince Johann II, he spent a lot of time in Liechtenstein and had a close and cordial relationship to the population. When he took over the governance in 1929, he continued the economic reforms initiated by his brother. On the 25th of July 1938 he died without any descendants in the Feldsberg Castle.

Result of the popular vote on the power of veto of the Reigning Prince
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